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Apr 12, 2017

Homeopathy and hope for the families of those with autism

A diagnosis of autism can be confusing, frightening, and overwhelming. Here are resources you can use.Autism Speaks 100-day-kit

April is Autism Awareness Month but an actual diagnosis of autism affects you and your family for a lifetime. Thankfully, we learn more about effective management and treatment options with each passing day.

Although there is no cure for autism, homeopathy is one treatment option. A certified homeopath will select one or more remedies for your child based on how closely the remedy matches your child’s symptoms. A series of remedies may then be used as treatment progresses, matching new or improved symptoms along the way.

You can also improve your child’s health by eliminating any known allergens or sensitivities. Possible culprits include dairy products, gluten/wheat, and environmental allergens.

Autism Speaks offers a free kit—explained in detail on this page—for families whose preschool child has been diagnosed with autism in the last 100 days. Other resources include
Treating autism with homeopathy
Autism awareness month
The Center for Disease Control’s autism resources page
The Family Hope Center
Autism Speaks information and resources
Autism resources for Pennsylvanians
U.S. National Library of Medicine page on Autism Spectrum Disorder

You are not alone with a diagnosis of autism. You can also find articles by others championing this cause on our Health Horizons Facebook page.

Image of Autism Speaks’ 100 Day Kit ©2017 Autism Speaks Inc.

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