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Mar 13, 2017

Homeopathy for minor injuries and illnesses

Self-care is important to well-being. Here are some homeopathic remedies and resources to get you started.homeopathic remedies

Before you begin any self-treatment, document your symptoms.
• What body part(s) is (are) affected?
• What do you observe (be as descriptive as possible)?
• What do you feel (be as specific as possible)?
• Do you have a fever? Chills?
• Have any of your 5 senses been affected? How?
• How long ago did symptoms start?
• What makes symptoms better? Worse?

If you have experienced these same symptoms in the past and sought treatment from your homeopath, the remedies that were prescribed at that time, if they worked well, will probably prove just as effective now. If you are experiencing new or different symptoms, check the National Center For Homeopathy’s “Find A Remedy” database.

Three multi-purpose remedies every household should keep on hand are
Arnica for
• Contusion injuries and bruising
• Early stages of labor and childbirth
• Homesickness
• Jet lag
• Pain
• Post-traumatic stress disorder
• Sunburn

Chamomilla for
• Childbirth/labor pains causing restlessness and desperation
• Cramps better from motion
• Ear infections with sharp pain
• Fainting
• Insomnia from restlessness
• Teething, toothaches, and tooth pain worse from cold

Phosphorus for
• Dry coughs, worse after drinking cold.
• Fever with chills.
• Heartburn
• Laryngitis
• Nausea
• Nose bleeding, and bleeding of small cuts

If profuse bleeding or faintness occurs, do not self-treat. Seek immediate emergency medical assistance. If symptoms last more than 2 days or worsen quickly, stop over-the-counter treatment and consult your homeopath.

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