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Jan 18, 2017

Alternatives to antibiotics

Your co-workers are coughing, your children’s classmates are sniffling and sneezing, and everywhere you go, you see or hear someone who should have kept their germs at home. What should you do next?pineapple

Do not run to your doctor for an antibiotic. The culprit may be a virus, which won’t respond to an antibiotic. Even if it is a bacterium, antibiotics may not be necessary if you have a good immune system. Homeopaths treated many different infections successfully for over 100 years before antibiotics were developed. With overuse, antibiotics can become less and less effective over time and can lead to the development of bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics. You might also develop an allergy to one or more classes of antibiotics. This makes it much harder to treat very serious ailments like sepsis, where the combination of homeopathy and an antibiotic can greatly improve the outcome.

Instead of an antibiotic, improve your lifestyle choices.
• Stay hydrated—pineapple juice fights inflammation and water flushes out impurities
• Get more sleep to give your body a fighting chance to ward off infection
• Wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap
• Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, especially those that are rich in Vitamins A, the B vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and zinc, all of which boost your immune system
• Add yogurt or another probiotic food of your choosing to your diet to give you digestive system better chance of resisting invaders
• Include cinnamon, cloves, garlic, ginger, honey, oregano, sage, and turmeric in your cooking to fight inflammation and boost immunity
• Consume the enzyme bromelain, found in pineapple and available in capsules, to reduce congestion and inflammation
• Exercise daily
• Engage in activities that reduce stress, thereby boosting immunity
• Consider purchasing a sauna, which can induce an artificial fever, leading  to a stronger immune system

Now is the time to consult with your homeopath about ways to strengthen or repair your body’s systems so they are better equipped to fight disease. Have a plan of action and know what homeopathic remedies and lifestyle choices to choose instead of an antibiotic.

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