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Dec 7, 2016

Homeopathy and mental health

Samuel Hahnemann, who described the homeopathic system in detail in his "Organon of the Medical Art,” was also a passionate pioneer in the field of mental health. Here is how he made a difference.

As early as 1793, Hahnemann began treating mentally ill patients in a humane manner. Although no record remains of the earliest remedies he used, we can assume they were herbal in nature since he started this before developing homeopathy. His treatment was so innovative that it entailed what today is considered modern occupational therapy.

Hahnemann and modern-day homeopaths work on the premise, stated in his Organon, that "almost all so-called mental and emotional diseases are nothing but physical diseases in which the symptom of mental and emotional disorder characteristic of each one increases more or less rapidly as the physical symptoms diminish, almost like a local disease transferred into the invisible subtle mental or emotional organs." Therefore, it is just as important to note the mental condition of the patient as it is to record symptoms when determining the correct homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathy treats the whole person. Mental health and emotional health are considered part of who the patient is instead of being separate diseases. A physical disease may simply expose latent personal characteristics and emotional and behavioral patterns. These character qualities may even be the exact opposite of those exhibited by the individual prior to illness—for example, a peaceful person may become violent or a giving individual may become very self-centered.

Hahnemann recommended looking for the following causes of mental health problems
• Physical disease
• A bad upbringing
• Unhealthy habits
• Warped morals
• A lack of mental discipline
• Superstition
• Ignorance

He maintained that education cured ignorance. However, it could also aggravate emotional or mental instability brought on by a physical disease or great grief or abuse when it was engaged without moderation.  

Read more about actual case reports of homeopathic treatment of mental health issues here.

The following homeopathic remedies have been reported effective in at least one case of treating mental health
Arsenicum album for anxiety, panic, and fear of death
Aurum metallicum for depression and melancholia, usually from demanding duties
Belladona for excitability and even delirium
Hyosciamus for behavioral discontrol with aggressiveness
Natrum muriaticum for depression in people who are stoic and reserved
Nux vomica for irritability and quarrelsomeness, ailments from drinking and/or eating in excess
Phosphorus for anxiety and fear of the dark, thunderstorms, and strangers
Sepia for depression from feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and wanting to isolate
Silica for depression, chilliness, weakness, and sensitivity to sensory impressions
Staphisagria for ailments from indignation, insults, and mortification
Stramonium for anger and agitation triggered by fear
Veratrum album for delirium with agitation

However, no one homeopathic remedy works for every person or illness, whether physical or mental so work with a qualified homeopath to find the best remedy for you. Take advantage of the good work that Samuel Hahnemann started in regard to mental health and physical well-being.

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