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Jan 8, 2014

Getting started with homeopathic medicine

Have you been waiting for a better time to explore homeopathic medicine? Don’t delay. You can get started right now with these 5 simple steps.

Get started exploring homeopathic medicine by taking these first steps.

1. Be clear about your primary interest in homeopathy

• There is a lot of controversy about homeopathy and I want to explore whether it is valid
• I know homeopathic remedies work for other people and I want to see if they will work for me
• I am sick and I hope homeopathy will make me well
• I am in constant pain
• I want to avoid pharmaceuticals if possible
• I want a cost-effective means of  improving my health
• I am considering a career change

2. Jot down questions you have (and as you go along); be curious and inquisitive; you can even be skeptical!

Remember—no one has started out knowing everything there is to know about homeopathy, not even homeopathy’s founder Samuel Hahnemann. There is still a lot to be discovered and learned about how it works and how it is best to apply it.

You will have questions, and you and your homeopath will discover answers through careful observation and application of homeopathic principles.

3. Read about the basics of homeopathy

• Visit your public library and go to the 615.5 to 615.535 section for books on homeopathy
• Search online to see for yourself how much misinformation is available about homeopathy from self-proclaimed experts
• Visit one or more of these trustworthy homeopathy Web sites

4. Identify your biggest concern about homeopathic treatment

• It’s the fear of the unknown
• The cost is not covered by my health insurance
• What if it doesn’t work?
• I have too many allergies and sensitivities!
• Will I be neglecting a recognized and effective conventional treatment?
• I don’t know a good doctor, knowledgeable about homeopathy, nearby

5. Contact my office to see if we can resolve your concerns and get you started with a homeopathic consultation

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