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Nov 23, 2016

Help—I’m allergic to nightshades

You’ve just been told you have a sensitivity to nightshades. Here’s how homeopathy can help you.peppers and nightshades

First, you’ll want to talk with your homeopath. Although homeopathy’s Law of Similars treats ailments with one or more remedies that will produce similar symptoms, you should not self-medicate with Belladonna (or deadly nightshade) unless you have studied homeopathy seriously and are under the guidance of a knowledgeable homeopath. These homeopathic remedies are also members of the nightshade family
• Hyoscyamus
• Solanum nigrum
• Stramonium
• Tabacum

These may provide relief
Antimonium crudum and Arsenicum album for digestive upset
Argentum nitricum and Solanum tuberosum  for gas and abdominal pain
Carduus benedictus and Gelsemium sempervirens for diarrhea, headache, sore joints, and vomiting
Pulsatilla for allergies
Triticum repens and Ustilago maidis for allergic runny nose

Second, read food labels carefully and eliminate the following foods from your diet
• Banana peppers
• Bell peppers (all colors)
• Cayenne pepper
• Cherry peppers
• Chili peppers
• Chili powder
• Coloring, often paprika
• Curry powder if made with any kind of peppers
• Eggplant
• Food starch that comes from potatoes
• Goji berries
• Hot peppers of all kinds
• Natural flavors or flavoring  that comes from known nightshades
• Paprika, used for both color and flavor
• Pepinos
• Pimento
• Potatoes
• Shredded cheeses that contain potato starch to prevent caking
• Spices that come from any of the nightshade family
• Sweet peppers
• Tamarillos
• Tomatillos
• Tomatoes of all colors and sizes
• Tomato juice
• Tomato paste, used for flavor in some products and color in others

After 2-4 weeks, you may decide to reintroduce a small quantity of one food to your diet to see how your body reacts. Its response will tell you if all nightshades are off the table or if you might be able to have a small helping of _____ (insert your nightshade of choice—like mashed potatoes or mild curry) occasionally.

Third, avoid products that contain nightshades including
• All tobacco products—which come directly from a known nightshade
• Ashwagandha—a nightshade that is also an ayurvedic herb
• Products that contain capsaicin including capsules for arthritis and heat-producing creams for stiff and achy joints--capsaicin comes from hot peppers

Listen to your body and your homeopath to live well with your nightshade sensitivity.

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