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Nov 10, 2016

Health boost for joyful holidays

Will you be traveling or gathering with family and friends for the holidays? Boost your immune system before you go.

For most people in the United States, the ideal gathering involves good food, fine wine, laughter, and the people they love the most. Unfortunately, the reality often includes spending time in enclosed spaces with other people’s germs. Therefore, it is important to add some tools to your bag, just in case.

If you need to assist your body, use these homeopathic and natural remedies in those challenging moments
Aconitum napellus to prevent flu, with acute symptoms from cold exposure
Allium cepa for the cold-like symptoms of watery eyes and stuffy nose
Arsenicum album for digestive upset from bad food, with vomiting and diarrhea
Bryonia alba to treat aches and pains that are worse from motion, with dryness and thirst
Echinacea to reduce the risk of colds, use in an herbal form as directed on the bottle
Eupatorium perfoliatum for reduction of flu-like symptoms with aches and pains in muscles, and weakness (get checked by the doctor if symptoms are unchanged after 24-48 hours)
• Exercise to build a strong body
• Garlic to ward off cold and flu
Gelsemium for cold and flu-like symptoms, fatigue, weakness, and headaches (see the note above under Eupatorium)
Silicea to attack the germs that your body sees as foreign invaders, and to combat coldness, chilliness, irritability, and sensitivity to noise
• Sleep to give your body time to repair itself
Sulfur to stop flu when hot, sweaty, gassy, and having skin eruptions
• Vitamin C to boost the immune system
• Water to stay hydrated

For best results, be sure the homeopathic remedies are as close a match as possible to the symptoms of illness you or your guests are already experiencing. If in doubt, consult your homeopath.

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