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Oct 26, 2016

Homeopathy and COPD

November is National COPD Month. Learn how homeopathic remedies can help with the lack of energy and breathing problems associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.wind turbines

If you experience
• An extreme lack of energy during the activities of day-to-day life
• A mucous-producing cough that never seems to go away
• Repeat episodes of bronchitis
• Wheezing and shortness of breath with exercise and other strenuous activity
• Breathlessness (especially if you have already been diagnosed with emphysema)
• Waking up at night gasping for breath (also a sign of sleep apnea)
you may have COPD.

This is especially true if you
• Are a smoker
• Have been subjected to allergens, asbestos, chemical fumes, second-hand smoke, smog, and workplace dust/debris over a long period of time
• Are over 60 years of age
• Have had a number of previous lung infections (bronchitis, pneumonia)

COPD causes permanent lung damage and a flare-up can be fatal so consult your homeopath to discover your best course of action. Homeopathic remedies include
Anacardium for cough after eating
Antimony tart for cough and rough breathing with rumbling of mucus in the chest
Arsenicum album, both for shortness of breath and the anxiety that may come with COPD, with restlessness and fear of being alone
Kali iodatum for enlarged lymph glands, runny nose, and allergies
Carbo veg and Kali bichromicum for sluggishness and thick mucus difficult to expectorate; Kali bich has thick green mucus that is difficult to expel
Cuprum ars for bronchitis and emphysema symptoms
Hepar sulph for a mucus-producing, hoarse cough that makes breathing difficult
Kali carbonicum, especially if you wake and have to sit up to breathe
Lycopodium for poor appetite, indigestion, and bloating
Nux vomica for irritability, argumentative behavior, and craving stimulants to fight fatigue
Phosphorous for nervousness, chilliness and yet craving cold drinks, which worsen the cough
Rumex for paroxysmal cough followed by increases expectoration
Selenium for weakness and fatigue
Silicea for chilliness, sensitivity and irritability to noise
Spongia for cough, in paroxysms, difficulty breathing, wheezing
Stannum met for thick sweet-tasting mucus
Sulphur for hotness, intolerance to heat, skin eruptions, digestion problems

These lifestyle changes are also beneficial
• Address anxiety and depression issues
• Avoid anything you know irritates your lungs—including foods that may cause acid reflux
• Choose nutrient-dense foods especially if you have a hard time breathing and eating
• Eliminate as many irritants and pollutants as possible with air filters in your home and work space
• Exercise—bike, stretch, walk
• Get a pneumonia vaccine
• Get a yearly flu shot and avoid those who have bronchitis and pneumonia
• Stop smoking and avoid fumes, pollution, and second-hand smoke

Talk to your homeopath about ways to restore your breathing, your energy, and your ability to enjoy everyday activities that have been leaving you short of breath.

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