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Aug 15, 2016

Homeopathy for head lice

September is National Head Lice Prevention Month. Start the school year off right by learning how homeopathy will help you and your student beat head lice.

Homeopathy strengthens and heals the whole body. You and your homeopath should work together to choose homeopathic remedies that will make you/your child more resistant to lice infestations.
Lycopodium and Mercurious make you more resistant to bug bites in general
Nux vomica helps the patient who is suffering the after-effects traditional pesticide-based lice treatments
Staphysagria addresses both the physical—dirtiness and itching—and emotional—helplessness and feeling like a victim—aspects of having of head lice; staphysagria can also be used as preventative medicine by helping one feel more in control in the first place

Once you find your first nit (egg) or louse, homeopathic treatment is not enough. You must also be meticulous about hygiene and cleaning.
• Wash all bedding, hats, and anything that has come in contact with lice-infested hair in hot water and dry on high heat in the dryer to kill the critters
• If an item is not washable, seal it in a plastic bag for at least a month
• Get rid of the nits on your child’s hair
- Cover everything but your child’s head with a large plastic bib—cut a piece from a new, thin painter’s drop cloth and secure it with a clothespin
- Go outside and use a fine-toothed comb to remove nits from each hair shaft—nits should fall harmlessly to the ground
- Dispose of the drop cloth, clean the comb, and wash your hands meticulously
- Shampoo
- Repeat daily for 2 weeks
• Wash all combs and brushes thoroughly
• Refrain from sharing combs, brushes, pillows, hats, etc.

Talk to your homeopath about building up a weakened or compromised  body before lice can get a foothold.

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