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Mar 16, 2016

Autism awareness month

April is Autism Awareness Month. Increase your awareness and your knowledge here.

A diagnosis of “Autism Spectrum Disorder” (ASD) affects more than 3 million people just in the United States and covers what may previously have been diagnosed as
• Asperger syndrome
• Autistic disorder
• Childhood disintegrative disorder
• PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified)

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that 1 of every 189 girls and 1 of every 42 boys (or 1 in 68 American children) have an ASD diagnosis.

While there is no cure at present, research suggests that a mother-to-be whose diet is rich in folic acid prior to and during pregnancy can reduce her child’s risk of autism.
• Age of the child’s parents at the time of conception
• Genetics
• The mother’s health during pregnancy
• Carrying the baby to term
may all play a part in whether or not the child develops autism.

ASD may be associated with
• Above-average intellect for some and intellectual challenges for others
• Above-average musical ability
• An aptitude for math
• Exceptional visual skills
• Communication difficulties
• Emotional outbursts
• Gastrointestinal health issues
• Inability to pay attention
• Lack of motor skills
• Sleep disturbances
• Social ineptitude

Each individual with ASD is unique. Work with your team of healthcare professionals to develop a care and management plan that is best for your child.

Additional information and resources
• The CDC’s autism resources page
The Family Hope Center
Autism Speaks information and resources  (including their news-you-can-use like this story)
Autism resources for Pennsylvanians
U.S. National Library of Medicine page on Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Good news about job opportunities with Microsoft

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