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Dec 9, 2015

Homeopathy and presenteeism

Presenteeism is on the rise. Homeopathy may offer remedies for the consequences of this trend.presenteeism not out sick

Presenteeism is the act of being in the workplace when one is either unwell or functioning at less than peak productivity. More and more workers find themselves in this situation due to limited paid sick days, increased duties and longer hours as a result of workforce reductions, or the fact that they only get paid for the hours they actually are present at work.

The results of presenteeism include
• Added stress or depression
• Extreme fatigue from not listening to one’s body’s demand for rest when fighting an illness
• Mental “fogginess” leading to problems with concentration and loss of productivity
• Reduced efficiency due to failure to manage chronic but treatable conditions like allergies, arthritis, and pain
• Spreading contagious diseases to co-workers when one is truly sick
• Workplace injuries due to fatigue, inattention, and being too sick to do the job safely

Homeopathy is a wellness program for the whole body. As such, homeopathic remedies can
• Reduce stress, depression, and inflammation that can contribute to chronic pain
• Enable restful sleep and increase energy
• Improve cognitive function
• Boost productivity by promoting health and healing and by helping with the management of chronic conditions
• Reduce the length or severity of certain illnesses especially when combined with rest, a healthy diet, and plenty of fluids
• Decrease the severity of workplace injuries with all of the above

If you cannot take a sick day or work from home when you are sick, talk with your homeopath—preferably before you get sick—about preventing presenteeism complications in your life. Know how to manage chronic conditions like allergies and pain and find out what to do if you feel like you are getting sick.

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