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Nov 25, 2015

Homeopathy and a healthy brain

Healthy brains don’t just happen. Your choices—including choosing homeopathy—do make a difference.

By choosing homeopathy, you are deliberately choosing to address the health of your whole body, including your brain. Homeopathic remedies, which are tailored to YOU, restore balance instead of simply treating symptoms and diseases.  

Talk to your homeopath about homeopathic remedies that help with memory loss, PTSD, and trouble focusing. These may include the following, which need to be identified according to each of the medicines’ peculiarities and how they can match the symptoms to be treated
Alumina especially for dementia accompanied by dryness of mucosas
Anacardium orientale for memory problems
Baryta carbonica for cognitive deficiencies
Hyoscyamus especially for behavioral problems
Lycopodium especially for cognitive difficulties, anxiety, and headaches
Nux moschata for memory and liver problems
Petroleum for cognitive difficulties associated with skin problems
Phosphoricum acidum for physical and cognitive fatigue
Stramonium for behavioral problems with fear
Sulphur for mood, digestive, dermatological and rheumatic problems with heat intolerance

You can also refer back to these posts about using homeopathy to help your brain deal with
Mental stress
Migraine headaches

Supplement the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment with these activities that strengthen your brain and/or reduce the risk of dementia
• Avoid drugs that will damage your brain
• Color, doodle, draw, paint, or sculpt
• Discover a sport that is new to you and play often
• Do crossword puzzles
• Don’t smoke
• Eat more fruits and vegetables
• Exercise daily
• Follow a map
• Involve all your senses in learning new things every day
• Keep a journal so you write more
• Learn to play an instrument
• Limit your alcohol intake
• Maintain a healthy weight
• Memorize as much as you can
• Play chess or other games of strategy
• Play word games
• Prepare healthy recipes from memory
• Read part of a book by looking at the pages upside down
• Recite song lyrics backwards
• Spend time with people you love
• Study a new language
• Take a different route on your next outing
• Try new activities
• Turn off the TV
• Use your non-dominant hand occasionally

What will you do next to keep your brain healthy?

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