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Dec 4, 2013

Test THIS and you’ll see it works!

For over two hundred years, homeopaths have seen the positive effects of homeopathic medicine. They have found that it works! Opponents of homeopathy, however, denounce these claims; who is right?

Picture of woman sick in bedCritics have not, however, taken the time to experiment carefully to see whether homeopathy works; they don’t seem to grasp the basic concepts. One cannot ask the right questions, fairly examine, or clinically test any procedure—including those used in homeopathic medicine—without first having a basic understanding of what one is testing.

Homeopathy’s success lies in matching an individualized single remedy at an individualized dosage to one patient and that one patient’s symptoms and sensitivity.

In homeopathy, there is no one-size-fits-all, “take 1-2 Tablespoons every 4-6 hours” approach that is applied to the masses by conventional medicine. Until critics of homeopathy factor this into their clinical trials, the results will always be flawed and skewed in their favor.

Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy, understood the importance of following good scientific procedure. He was influenced by the best scientific thought at the time. He was extremely diligent in his methods, producing observable and repeatable results. He expected his critics to do the same and that is still a fair and reasonable expectation.

“Aude Sapere”—Dare to Know—is what Hahnemann proposed. He wrote the particulars of the method in his most important book, the “Organon of the Rational Healing Arts.” This is the reference from Hahnemann’s time followed by homeopaths around the world. This book underwent five editions during Hahnemann’s time; the sixth edition didn’t see the light of day for about 100 years; in it are the latest advances in his philosophy of treatment. The authenticity of the document has been verified by experts.

It is this consistency in the results, using the procedures taught by Hahnemann, through the centuries, around the world, with over 3000 books and journals published on the matter, which should be considered when weighing the evidence for homeopathy, not just double-blind, placebo-control studies, many of which don’t even follow the basic principles of homeopathy.

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