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Oct 28, 2015

24 helpful habits for handling ADHD

Children and adults with ADHD can benefit from these helpful habits.

Allow only what you are working on to be out on the counter, desk, or workspace

Be intentional about choosing accessible, easy-to-use, eye-catching tools

Chart what you want to keep track of—homework, projects completed, what to take with you. Place those things the night before in your bag, briefcase or next to your car keys.

Do ask for help making decisions if you are stuck and don’t know what to do

Experiment to find the best tools for keeping you organized and on-task—there  are tools for smartphones and apps that can help you

Finish at least one thing you start each day

Group like items together so they are easier to find; plan your route, so you don’t have to retrace

Hire help when dealing with overwhelming tasks, ask people who care about you to help you be successful, use one of the many professional organizers you can find on the Internet

Invest in colorful items—key holders, glasses and phone cases, notebooks and pencils—so they are easier to find

Jot down reminders in a notebook, not on scraps of paper

Keep your desk clutter-free even if it means choosing a smaller desk

Leave anything you need when you walk out the door by the door—in a basket, in a briefcase, in a bookbag, on a door-side table, or where you may have your car keys

Make a pros and cons list to help in decision-making

Nightly, empty your book bag/briefcase/purse to get rid of clutter and make sure you don’t miss something important

Organize however makes sense to you—not necessarily alphabetically

Pick your outfit before you need to rush off to school or work

Quit accummulating clutter--throw away what you don’t really need

Record thoughts and plans with voice-to-text software to make recording quick and easy

Set multiple alarms when you can’t be late

Track the time a task takes so you can plan your time more accurately in the future

Use electronic tools to organize your life—your calendar, contact information, directions, shopping lists, to-do lists, and wardrobe combinations

Vanquish desktop clutter by cleaning off your desk before you quit for the day

Write down important stuff instead of trying to remember everything

X Mark everything with a date, a label, a title, or the information you will need at a later time AND put your name on reports too

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