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Sep 11, 2015

FDA reopens comment period

The FDA wants to hear from you. Send your comments before November 9, 2015.speech and thought bubbles for comments

The Food and Drug Administration has reopened the comment period regarding homeopathic products until November 9, 2015. As I stated in an earlier post, the FDA is evaluating its “current enforcement policies for drug products labeled as homeopathic from scientific, risk and process perspectives…to promote and protect the public health.” Unfortunately, this may lead to limited access to homeopathic products in the United States if homeopathic users and prescribers don’t speak up now.

I find it very sad that only a little over 7000 comments have been posted, and they are not all by supporters! How can legislators and regulatory agencies feel that homeopathy is worth preserving if so few people use it? Where are all the users who have made homeopathic products a billion-dollar industry?

The media has exaggerated the growth of the homeopathic market, but homeopathy has grown in popularity. However, this may change if the homeopathic manufacturers are put out of business!

Act now!
• You can find my initial summary here.
• The new guidelines for written (mailed) and electronic comment submissions may be found at this new FDA site, announcing the comment period reopening.

Please take the time to comment today.

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