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Jul 22, 2015

Can homeopathy assist with grief?

If you are experiencing sadness and grief because of a loss, homeopathy can help.raindrops

No one remedy—homeopathic or otherwise—is an instant cure for grief because grieving is usually a normal process that each person experiences differently. However, the following homeopathic remedies have proven useful in situations of grief and loss. If you are having any recurrent and/or persistent symptoms, make sure you consult your physician.
Aconite combats palpitations, panic and the fear of death
Arnica treats trauma or a loss that takes you completely by surprise
Ignatia helps you process losses of all kinds including the grief and loss experienced at the death of a loved one or loss of a job
Magnesium muriaticum and Pulsatilla quell feelings of abandonment that come with the loss of a parent or caregiver—the latter has more weepiness
Natrum muriaticum helps you move more easily through the stages of grief instead of letting you fall into decline and stay there—particularly helpful for persistent ruminations and difficulty sharing feelings with others

Ignatia also helps the following symptoms that often accompany grief and loss:
• Anxiety
• Bad dreams
• Depression
• Headaches
• Insomnia
• Loss of appetite
• Moodiness
• Nervousness
• Sadness
• Sorrow
• Trembling
• Uncontrollable sobbing

These remedies will not make you euphoric, remove your grief, or circumvent the grieving process. They will help you cope with your body’s response to your loss in a healthy way. They can take the edge off.

You may also wish to talk with a counselor or a close family friend as you experience different phases of grieving. These may include anger, denial, and depression before you can accept your loss.

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