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Jul 8, 2015

Homeopathic and natural treatment for eye allergies

Are your eyes itchy, red, swollen, and weepy, with or without a discharge? You may have ocular allergies. Here is how to treat them.

First, narrow down the cause of your distress. It may be seasonal—like ragweed pollen or the chemicals in the swimming pool—or a constant problem—like animal dander, dust mites, mold, pollution, smoke, or your sunscreen or other face lotion.

Second, remove yourself from the source of the allergens. Wash your face and eyelashes after exposure. Use a HEPA filter air purifier. If you are allergic to
• The family pet - don’t share a pillow; keep them off your bed or out of your room
• Pollen - stay inside when the pollen count is the highest
• Dust mites or mold - get help with more frequent and thorough cleaning
• Pollution - keep windows closed and use an air purifier
• Smoke - ask others not to smoke around you, especially indoors
• Sunscreen or other face products — switch brands

Third, treat the allergic reaction. Homeopathic remedies include
Ambrosia for itching and burning in the eyelids, often with nose bleeding
Euphrasia for burning tears, swollen and watery eyes, and clearer vision
Ferrum phosphoricum for eyes that feel gritty or burning
Natrum muriaticum for watery eyes and runny nose, with sun sensitivity
Ruta for aching pain and red eyes
Sabadilla for red, watery eyes

Natural remedies include
• Applying a warm compress over closed eyelids
• Lying down, away from allergens

If your eyes do not improve within a day or two of self-treatment or your vision deteriorates, consult your medical professional because this may be a sign of infection or a more serious condition.

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