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Nov 20, 2013

Homeopathic placebos: person, potion, or process?

If you are new to the idea of homeopathic treatment and have done some research, you have undoubtedly discovered very vocal proponents of homeopathy and its vociferous detractors. Amazingly, even the severest critics acknowledge homeopathy’s placebo effect but what is it exactly?pill bottle and contents

What is the nature of this placebo?

• The homeopath The homeopathic practitioner often takes a good deal of time with a patient, asking questions about symptoms, showing concern for problems, and listening carefully. This caring attitude is in direct contrast to the often rushed atmosphere of some traditional medical establishments. This may be enough to make some people feel better.

• The homeopathic remedy Having faith that an element—be it a food, an herb, a sugar pill, a pharmaceutical, or a homeopathic remedy—will promote wellness is the basis of the placebo effect. The patient experiences the purported healing powers of the prescribed substance and feels better.

• The homeopathic process Some people are exhausted from months or years of failing to find relief through traditional methods in the medical community. They are eager for alternative treatments to affect a cure and find hope in the newness of homeopathy. Hope itself is healing.

The answer is not clear from a traditional standard of evidence but, at the least, homeopathy and its placebo effect do have a positive impact on the health of many people at a fraction of the cost of some traditional therapies. There is enough data—from 200 years of homeopathy’s existence, and it use by hundreds of practitioners from around the world, treating millions of people—that there is something valid in homeopathy which lies beyond the placebo effect. Evidence lies in some well-performed double-blind placebo controlled trials and corresponding meta-analysis.

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