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Jun 9, 2015

Need positive proof that homeopathy works?

Are you looking for positive scientific proof that homeopathy is effective? Look here.

Thanks to the Internet, you can get search results for “homeopathy” in seconds. Unfortunately, these results can include inadequate scientific studies, false information, skewed opinions, anecdotal success stories, rants, and fluff.

However, on the valuable side, we can find some reliable material. One of them is very professional and accurate. You will need to sign in:

Robert Medhurst, a qualified practicing homeopath and naturopath, has compiled an extensive list of scientific studies that document the positive effects of homeopathic treatments. His Database of Positive Homeopathy Research Studies provides abstracts of hundreds of animal and plant studies, clinical and human trials, and in vivo and in vitro research with homeopathic remedies.

Look in this database to find positive scientific proof that homeopathy works.

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