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Mar 25, 2015

Homeopathic relief for runners

On a good day, you can run for miles but at other times, you find yourself running for relief. Try these homeopathic remedies.

If you experience inflammation, Apis mel treats a variety of inflammatory conditions including allergy eyes, bee stings, bug bites, and contact dermatitis welts, particularly when the symptoms are relieved by cold applications. It is not a cure for inflammation caused by overuse, a sure sign you need to pace yourself or change your exercise routine.

If you are tripped up by uneven sidewalk, loose gravel, tree roots, or the neighbor’s pet, you may end up falling hard on your hands, knees, or back side. Keep Arnica ointment or cream in your home first aid kit to minimize bruising, prevent swelling, and alleviate soreness after a fall. If your fall results in a sprain or strain, Ruta penetrates deeply to stop bruising and stabilize your injured joint.

If someone’s pet bites you or you run into something sharp, Hypericum works for puncture wounds. Clean the wound thoroughly first.

If you are one of the 10% of runners who experience plantar fasciitis, Rhus tox will minimize the pain you feel near your heel when you flex your foot. You should also add prescribed stretches to your exercise regimen, cut back on hard running (and running on hard surfaces), and make sure your footwear has enough padding and support.

You may also consider getting acupuncture treatments for recurrent or chronic pains of joints and/or muscles.

By listening to your body and using these homeopathic remedies, you have many more good miles ahead of you.

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