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Nov 6, 2013

Can homeopathy cure chronic pain?

It is possible to manage chronic pain with homeopathic medicine.

However, the homeopathic remedy and dose that works for one person may produce little or no relief for another individual, or it may even cause an unnecessary aggravation of symptoms.

Your homeopathic doctor will develop an individualized treatment plan for you and your chronic pain management. Improvement may come with one dosing or it may require a course of treatment that lasts a number of months. Sometimes it may require the combination of various therapeutic interventions.

There is no miracle cure for every kind of persistent pain. To make the most of your homeopathic treatment, your doctor may combine homeopathic medicine with natural remedies like physical therapy, an exercise regimen, a healthy diet, and relaxation techniques. The more information you provide and the more you work together with your homeopath, the better your probable outcome.

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