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Feb 25, 2015

Homeopathy in weight loss programs

Homeopathy can be used to heal your body and the underlying conditions that lead to either weight gain or the inability to lose weight.

Despite what you may have been told, not all weight gain/weight loss issues are related to a person’s willingness to exercise, self-control in monitoring the quality and quantity of food consumed, or being lazy. You may actually have an underlying condition contributing to your struggle with your weight. Discuss your symptoms and concerns with your homeopath to determine which homeopathic remedy is your best option.
Antimonium crudum aids digestion and speeds up metabolism
Calcarea carbonica combats emotional overeating, aids digestion, and addresses endocrine imbalances
Fucus vesicelosus and Iodum both treat thyroid conditions, the former speeding up sluggish metabolism to promote weight loss and the latter calming an over-active thyroid so one does not overeat
Kali carbonicum speeds up metabolism and adds digestion
Natrum phosphoricum acts as a diuretic, which can lead to temporary weight loss

Once you and your homeopath have addressed the underlying issues contributing to your current weight, be sure to
• Enlist the support of family and friends as you make healthy lifestyle choices
• Get up and move throughout your day, even if just to walk across the room to file papers or down the hall to get a drink of water
• Add some form of exercise (preferably something you enjoy) every single day—take a walk at lunchtime, park a little farther away from your destination, explore new ways to move with exercise apps or videos you can check out at your public library, add to your step count by using the stairs and/or walking while you talk on your mobile phone
• Clean out the refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards and toss the junk food
• Keep a small portion of something healthy and sweet/salty/crunchy/creamy where it is easy to grab when you are tempted to go for your old standby of ice cream, donuts, cookies, etc.
• Stay hydrated and as well-rested as possible
• Think of rewards that don’t involve food for your success

What have you got to lose?

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