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Dec 17, 2014

Homeopathy for mental stress

Sadly, mental stress has become part of “normal” life; however, men and women respond differently to mental stressors. Men are usually fixers and engage in exteriorizing behaviors, “doing” things with the intention of solving problems. They tend to deny there is stress or that stress is affecting them. Women tend to be internalizers. They will hold things in, plug along and juggle things the best they can. This can lead to more physical and emotional symptoms. Of course, these are generalizations and gender doesn’t necessarily imply a particular response style to stress. Fortunately, homeopathy can help in either case; we just need to choose the correct medicine in each case.roller coaster

A study conducted by Dr. Zainab Samad of Duke University Medical Center and published in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that women who are mentally stressed are more likely to experience depression and anxiety. Men undergoing mental stress have elevated blood pressure.

Homeopathic remedies that help emotional strain and stress about work include
Bryonia alba
Calcarea carbonica

Homeopathic remedies for anxiety include
• Argentum nitricum
• Arsenicum album
• Gelsemium
• Ignatia
• Kali phosphoricum
• Lycopodium
• Natrum mariaticum
• Pulsatilla
• Silicea

If you are experiencing depression along with mental stress, don’t wait for the problem to go away. Talk with your homeopath to receive an individualized treatment plan. You don’t have to let mental stress be a “normal” part of your life. If the depression is so significant that it affects your day-to-day performance, if you have lost interest in things you usually enjoy, or if you are having thoughts of wanting to die, you need to consult a licensed mental health practitioner.

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