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Nov 19, 2014

Homeopathy and shingles

There is no cure for shingles but homeopathy can reduce your symptoms and your body’s response to this virus.

If you have had chicken pox, the shingles virus may be lying dormant in your system. If it chooses to make an appearance, these are the homeopathic remedies that may help reduce your symptoms and increase your comfort.
Apis mellifica for a bright pink, itchy rash, worse with warmth, better with cold.
Arsenicum album for nervousness and nerve pain that improves with warm compresses
Clematis erectus for red blisters that are worse at night and when touched by cold
Iris versicolor for a right-side-of-body rash
Mezereum for bright red, very itchy, oozing blisters that worsen with heat
Ranunculus bulbosus for a painful, bluish rash around the rib cage
Rhus tox for itching and pain with a left-side-of-body rash that improves with heat

Baths and compresses—either warm or cold, depending on the location and type of rash you have—may also offer some relief of the itching and pain of shingles.

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