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Oct 8, 2014

How to lose weight the natural way

There is no homeopathic remedy that will enable you to lose those extra ten, twenty, or fifty pounds overnight. However, a homeopathic treatment can be tailored to the underlying causes of weight gain.fruits and vegetables

If you consume more calories than you burn through your daily activities and exercise, you will gain weight. Conditions like constipation, a slow metabolism, chronic stress, and thyroid dysfunction can also contribute to the problem.

A more recent, evidence-based program for weight loss is the alternate day diet, where you eat normally one day and on the next you eat 20% of your usual caloric intake, which is usually 400-500 calories. People don’t feel as deprived or restricted as with usual diets; and it has shown to improve not just weight, but also asthma, arthritis, cholesterol and cognitive function (“The Alternate Day Diet-Revised” by James B. Johnson, MD).

Before you switch to a vegetable or fad diet to lose weight, ask your homeopath about
Antimonium Crudum for moodiness caused by dieting, slow metabolism, and a sluggish digestive system
Argentum Nitricum or Lycopodium to reduce cravings for sweets
Calcarea Carbonica, Coffea Cruda, Ignatia, or Staphysagria for emotional eating
Fucus Vesicelosus or Iodum for thyroid conditions contributing to weight gain

Please keep in mind that there are not homeopathic medicines for particular symptoms or disease; each medicine has to fit the total set of symptoms you have; it has to match your general constitution.

• Drink plenty of water
• Eat more fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed foods
• Avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners
• Cut out MSG and alcohol
• Move more—take a walk, use the stairs, get up from your desk hourly
• Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night

Talk to your health care provider about a personalized plan for weight loss. Lose the weight steadily and naturally and your success will be much easier to maintain.

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