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Sep 24, 2014

Is homeopathy a cure for juvenile arthritis?

In the United States, almost 300,000 children under the age of 18 have juvenile arthritis (JA). Homeopathy can play a role in reducing their pain.

Juvenile arthritis is most commonly an autoimmune disorder although it may occasionally be an auto inflammatory condition. Frequently it is characterized as an inflammation of the joints but it can also affect skin, muscles, bones, eyes, and the intestines. There is currently no known cure.

Once other concerns like injury, infection, Lyme disease, and lupus have been ruled out and your child has been diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, you begin the process of managing your child’s pain and making life as normal as possible. Get the best care possible.

You will probably choose a variety of treatments. Non-pharmaceutical options include diet modification, physical therapy (swimming is especially beneficial), and homeopathy. By minimizing the pain, the swelling, the stiffness, and the “heat” that comes with a flare-up, you are helping your child live a more normal life where JA is just one part of childhood, not his/her whole life.

Consult your homeopath for the exact homeopathic remedy that matches your child’s symptoms in order to provide the most pain relief and other benefits. Some possibilities include
Abrotanum for difficulty moving
Aconite Napellus for limb pain
Apis Mellifica for swelling
Belladona for joint pain
Bryonia for pain with movement, dryness with thirstlessness
Calcium Carbonate for back pain
Chamomilla for joint pain
Medorrhinum for shoulder pain
Rhus Tox for joints that are hot, swollen, painful, better by continuous movement.

These medicines can be reviewed in a reference source called “Homeopathic Materia Medica,” which is like a PDR of homeopathic medicines. It has been developed through more than 200 years of systematic clinical practice by homeopathic practitioners.

There are a number of medicines that could be suitable for a particular medical condition. To select the right medicine for a person, a full medical evaluation is the best way to assure success.
For more information on JA, visit the Arthritis Foundation “Kids Get Arthritis Too” Web site.

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