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Aug 13, 2014

Homeopathy for treating hay fever

Summer grasses and ragweed affect the quality of life for many allergy sufferers. Homeopathic remedies can help.Summer grasses

You know it is hay fever season when you start to sneeze, your throat is itchy (and maybe your eyes and ears, too), your eyes are watering, and your nose is also running. In short, you feel miserable. Taking over-the-counter allergy medicine may leave you feeling lethargic or unfocused. What can you do instead?

Homeopathic remedies, based on their timing, offer both preventative and curative options. Because homeopathy works on the principle of “like curing like,” match your hay fever symptoms to the following list to see a recommended remedy.
• For combination of runny nose, weepy eyes, sneezing, and being miserable (because of feeling irritable from the symptoms, that miserableness may be directed towards others!): Nux vomica
• For itching of the roof of mouth, nose, and throat: Arum triphyllum or Wyethia helenoides
• For itchy, burning eyes and nose, the discharge can be irritating: Arsenicum album
• For runny nose and allergic rhinitis, with tearing eyes: Allium cepa or Natrum muriaticum
• For repeated bouts of sneezing: Sabadilla officinarum or Euphrasia
• For stinging eyes: Solidago
• For stuffy nose, with skin eruptions, and intolerance to heat: Sulphur

Although self-treatment is possible, as a chronic hay fever and seasonal allergy sufferer, you should consult a homeopath for the exact remedies and dosages that will provide lasting relief.

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