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Jul 2, 2014

I have questions about homeopathy treatment

Anytime you encounter a concept that is new to you or embark on a course of action that is not your normal routine, it is not only permissible but also advisable to take time to ask questions. Here’s where you can start when asking questions about homeopathic treatment.

Use the resources at your public library or your university and information on the Internet to look for reputable sources—people who are actually engaged in research, teaching at recognized institutions, and publishing current information in medical and scientific journals.

Once you have found sources you can trust, begin exploring:
• What homeopathy is and what it is not
• What research has been done, particularly in the area where you may need homeopathic treatment
• What supporters of homeopathy are saying about its benefits
• What critics are saying

Consider the evidence and form your own opinion of homeopathy.

If you still have questions, contact our office for a homeopathic consultation for your particular condition or concern.

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