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Apr 30, 2014

Homeopathy for young children

As a parent or caregiver, you need to decide how you will treat childhood illnesses. Will you use homeopathy or conventional medicine’s over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs?

If you choose conventional medicine, your child may experience a benefit from prescribed medication. Notable exceptions include
• Living with unpleasant side effects
• Experiencing an allergic reaction to the drug itself
• Re-experiencing symptoms as soon as medication is stopped
• Needing more drugs to deal with the exceptions above

Conventional medicine has often been a one-time fix for disease and, in the case of chronic conditions, can quickly become costly.

If you choose homeopathy for a young child, you are choosing a long-term wellness program. You are treating the whole person, not just symptoms of disease, so that the tendency to become sick is diminished. For a child with an ear infection or a runny nose caused by allergies, getting rid of the infection or allergic reaction AND decreasing the chance of a recurrence are both included in this curative treatment. Although your child may experience a benefit from homeopathic medicine, notable exceptions include
• No noticeable difference during the time period when the individualized dose is being determined
• Needing different doses and solutions in later years
• Having to try conventional treatment for chronic conditions or diseases to supplement homeopathy

The choice is yours. Will you use homeopathic remedies to treat childhood illnesses?

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