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Sep 8, 2017

On what basis should treatment options be considered?

The National Health Service of England has decided to stop covering homeopathic treatments, herbal remedies, some pain killers, and other “low value” medicines. What is the right basis for eliminating treatment options?

For NHS England, their perceived cost is the deciding factor in whether a treatment option will continue to be covered. They hope to save £200m by denying coverage and forcing individuals dealing with…
• Celiac disease requiring gluten-free foods
• Chronic or severe pain
• Depression
• Diabetic kidney disease
• Heart disease
• Heart failure
• High blood pressure
• Muscle pain
• Nerve pain
• Osteoarthritis
• Underactive thyroid
…to purchase over-the-counter remedies or do without.

The following do not appear to enter into their equation
• Whether the patient can afford OTC remedies and/or the “modern drugs and treatments” that the NHS endorses
• If a chronic condition was being well managed—preventing more expensive procedures and care down the road
• How well the individual felt with the soon-to-be-discontinued treatment
• The cost of preventative care—homeopathy’s attention to the health of the whole body, for instance—versus crisis intervention once one becomes ill
• The very different needs of an aging and, most likely, less economically advantaged population

Unfortunately, humans are quick to criticize and slow to compliment so they condemn the apparent cost without acknowledging those who have been helped and the long-term costs and savings accrued. This is not a good basis for eliminating treatment options. Keep homeopathy a viable alternative in the United States by being vocal about:
• The ways homeopathic remedies have helped you
• The benefits of homeopathy
• How your experience with conventional medicine and homeopathy differs
• The long-term cost saving in medications, disabilities, and absenteeism

You can view patient and provider perspectives in this presentation that three of my colleagues and I shared with the Food and Drug Administration when they explored homeopathic product regulation.

You can also get the facts about homeopathy and how to effectively present them at the “Responding To Arguments Against Homeopathy” workshop I am leading.

responding to arguments

When: 7-9 pm EDT Thursday, September 14, 2017

Where: Plymouth Meeting Friends School
2150 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting PA 19462
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Whom to contact for more information: Lois Trave at 215-870-7232 or

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