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Aug 16, 2017

Homeopathy for childhood obesity

Homeopathy can be used to help treat the underlying causes of childhood obesity.

Some in the medical profession believe that obesity can be cured simply by an increase in exercise and a decrease in the number of calories consumed each day. However, homeopathy treats the whole person and addresses the many different causes of childhood obesity.

Homeopathic remedies—and the factors that contribute to obesity--include
Antimonium crudum – overeating due to stress
Calcarea carb – always hungry, even after eating
Coffea cruda – eating to calm one’s nerves
Ignatia – overeating due to anxiousness or fear
Lycopodium – craving sweets, loss of appetite, or liver dysfunction
Phytolacca – frustration and inability to lose weight
Staphysagria – eating out of anger

Consult your homeopath to see which these remedies may work for your child’s symptoms and to rule out serious medical conditions. Other homeopathic options for obesity in general include the following and the unique picture that corresponds to each medicine can be found in any reputable Homeopathic Materia Medica:
• Aconite
• Ambra gresia
• Ammonium carb
• Arsenic album
• Baryta carb
• Bromium
• Bryonia
• Calcaria ars
• Camphor
• Cantharis
• Capsicum
• Carbo veg
• Crocus sativus
• Ferrum met
• Graphites
• Hyoscyamus
• Kali bi
• Kali carb
• Lachesis
• Magnesia phos
• Natrum carb
• Phosphorous
• Platina
• Pulsatilla
• Rhus tox
• Sabadilla
• Sepia
• Sulphur

Obesity causes serious health risks—including an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. Social consequences like bullying, eating disorders, poor self-image, and ostracizing by peers are also factors in childhood obesity. Contact your homeopath for the necessary remedies now.

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