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Apr 26, 2017

Homeopathy for hearing loss

If you are having difficulty hearing, homeopathy may help.

You may be losing your hearing if
• Your loved ones seen to be whispering and your friends always mumble
• Conversations are just a bunch of noise
• You keep turning up the volume on your TV, radio, and/or phone to hear it
• There is a ringing sound in your ears
• You frequently turn your head because you hear better out of one ear than the other

Get evaluated. There are multiple causes of hearing loss—and thus several different homeopathic treatments
• Advanced age
Baryta carb

• Build-up of ear wax

• An acute ear infection (any moderate infection should resolve in 24-48 hours)
Pulsatilla and Hepar sulphuricum

• A  functional disorder
Kali muriaticum if the Eustachian tube is blocked (or this may require surgery)
Mercurius dulcis for chronic, non-infectious, congestion in the middle ear

• An illness like measles, Meniere’s Disease, or tonsillitis
Pulsatilla for measles, Chininum sulphuricum and Natrum salicylicum for Meniere’s Disease, Agraphis nutans for tonsillitis

• An injury
Arnica and Hypericum

Other forms of treatment include
• Antibiotics for ear infections when there is no resolution in 24-48 hours or if symptoms progressively worsen in that period of time
• Cold and allergy medicine to clear stuffiness in ears
• Ear drops to dissolve ear wax
• Surgery to insert ear tubes for chronic ear infections or to remove tonsils after chronic tonsillitis
• Removal of foreign articles (check your child’s ears for misplaced objects if s/he develops a sudden hearing loss)
• Avoidance of exposure to loud noise—the greatest cause of hearing loss, particularly in young people, is exposure to loud volume music and noise

Don’t suffer in silence. Research shows that hearing problems lead to a greater incidence of dementia, caused by social isolation from social interactions due to deafness. Get that hearing loss evaluated by a professional then talk to your homeopath about remedies.

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